Top 6 Most Haunted Places in India

1. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

2. Dow Hill – West Bengal

3. Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

4. Kuldhara Village – Rajsthan

5. Agrasen’s Baoli – Delhi

6. Dumas Beach – Gujrat

Will you be a person who is drawn to the supernatural? While most people do their best to avoid encounters with the paranormal, there are also a significant number of us who actively seek out adrenaline by being surrounded by mysterious strangers. While the existence of ghosts and spirits has been discussed for centuries, the conclusions we draw are full of our own experiences. Today we have talked about the Top 6 Most Haunted Places i

The list of haunted places in India is long, each cool is associated with history or folklore. It covers everything from abandoned forts, desolate villages, closed mines, and spooky hotels to impossible places like courts and schools. If you want to push the boundaries and discover the supernatural, here are some of the scariest places in India that must be visited all the way. Most Haunted Places in India

1. Bhangarh Fort – Rajsthan

A fort in India, where the entrance has been warned in advance that if you do not go around the fort before sunrise and even after sunset, anything terrible can happen to you in this area, it can only happen in breakage. It is believed that the area around the fort and Bhanga is haunted.

It is said that Bhanga’s princess Ratnavati was very beautiful and even a tantric was attracted by this beauty. The princess who took the perfume from the shop went to the shop and did the magic on the bottle that was to be sent to the princess. The princess found the bottle right but fell on a stone and broke it. The magician was so fascinated that the perfume makers fell in love with him (the magician).

Now the perfume was placed on the stone, then the stone fell in love with the magician. The stone crushed the magician but before he died he cursed the ruins of Bhang. Shortly after, a battle broke out in which Bhang was destroyed and all the people living here were killed.

According to another story, a monk lived here and while building the palace, he warned that the height of the palace should be kept low so that shadows do not come near them. But the builder did not take care of this and built the palace of his own free will. The monk cursed angrily which destroyed Bhang dev.

According to the third story, in 1720, Bhang became desolate due to a lack of water. In 1783, there was a famine that put an end to the occupation here, and the ruin was completely destroyed.

Even today people believe that the souls of all the people who died here are wandering here, and many people here have died at night. Due to this, the Indian security department has also put up a board here in the evening and afternoon. Earlier, it was forbidden to enter the fort. That why this Place is Most Haunted Places in India.

2. Dow Hill – West Bengal

Kurseong is considered to be the most haunted hill station in the whole country india due to the mysterious events in Dow Hill.

Located near Darjeeling at a distance of 30 km, lies the picturesque hill station of Kurseong, known as the ‘Land of White Orchids’. If you want to hang out in the solitude of nature, then this fantasy city is a great place to stay all year round with its pleasant atmosphere. Unlike Darjeeling, you will find that Kurseong is not crowded and offers visitors a quiet atmosphere.

However, the Dow Hill area is notorious for paranormal events and this is the main reason why this hill station is labeled as haunted.

Fools should definitely avoid the ‘road of death’, which lies between Dow Hill Road and Forest Office Fees. Local woodcutters have had a great time seeing the headless ghost of a little boy walking in the woods and disappearing.

Cases have been reported of people being followed by invisible entities and constantly monitored some have seen red eyes in front of them. There’s also a woman dressed in brown. The air in these forests is so bad that the unfortunate visitors either lose their mental balance or commit suicide.

Here in the desert of Dow Hill, where many unnatural deaths have occurred in the past, the 100-year-old Victoria Boys High School is housed in the dark vibes of a haunted forest. When the school is closed during the winter holidays from December to March, locals have heard loud murmurs and noises.

Because of all these incidents, people are still afraid to go there in the evening.That why this Place is Most Haunted Places in India.

3. Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

It is one of the largest film cities in India. It not only attracts tourists for its extravagant sets and displays but also takes away many of them due to their horrific events. In addition to being the largest studio complex in the world, there are numerous options to stay in, and let’s say these spirits cover all the bases.

The story is based entirely on legends. We do not want to promote any kind of superstition. Hyderabad’s Ramojirao Film City is on the battlefield. The dead souls of soldiers have become ghosts. It is said that many supernatural powers were shown during the shooting of the film. This place is a graveyard of soldiers.Their souls still wander here today. Many people have been injured because of this. Not all of these events are open formally or informally due to trade.

People who arrange to stay in their hotel room have something else to say. They have reported seeing unusual Urdu scribblings on mirrors, eating half of their food when kept for a long time and even the doors are locked manually. Whispers and strange sounds are some common examples recorded in the studio.

Due to all these paranormal events, it is still forbidden to go to this place in the evening That why this Place is Most Haunted Places in India.

4. Kuldhara Village – Rajsthan

There is a village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, which has many secrets on its soil. The name of this village is Kuldhara. Kuldhara village has been desolate for the last 170 years. A village that was deserted by night and for centuries people did not understand how this village became desolate. The mystery of the desolation of this village is creepy. Indeed, Kuldhara lived about 200 years ago. The Paliwal Brahmins lived in 84 villages around Kuldhara village. But once Kuldhara had a bad look. The reason became the person. Who was the prince of the kingdom whose name was Salim Singh? Salim Singh was an Ayyash type.

Once, he saw a beautiful girl from the village. Dewan was so mad after that girl that he wanted to find her somehow. He started pressuring the Brahmins for this. This happened when the dewan, who was crushed under the control of the authorities, gave a message to the girl’s house that if he did not find the girl by the next full month, he would attack the village and take her away.

This fight between Diwansinh and the villagers was now also to honor the virgin. Also the pride of the village. The Paliwal Brahmins met at the village chopal and more than 5,000 families decided to leave the kingdom in their honor. It is said that people from all 84 villages gathered in one temple to make a decision. The panchayats decided that whatever happens would not give their diwan the diwan.

The next evening Kuldhara was so desolate that even today Parind does not enter the seam of the village. It is said that the place was cursed when the Brahmins left the village. Let me tell you that with the changing times 82 villages were rebuilt, but two villages named Kuldhara and Khabha could not be settled till today. These villages are now under the auspices of the Archaeological Survey of India, which is open to tourists every day in broad daylight.

It is said that this village is under the control of spiritual powers. Now the village has become a perfect tourist destination. According to people who visited Kuldhara village, the call of Paliwal Brahmins living here can still be heard today. Market movements – the sounds of the initiative, talking to women and their bracelets and ankles. I always arise.

5. Agrasen’s Baoli – Delhi

With a hectic life, day-to-day vehicles, insects, toxic air and dusty atmosphere, crowds of people with day and night disasters and in the middle of the bustling Delhi, with all the secrets of the years and Agrasen Ki Baoli ahi. Cold weather. Located on Haley Road in Kannada Beautiful Place, one of the most beautiful places in Delhi, this Baoli is basically a 150 meter long and 1-meter high wall that has been preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

It is believed to have been built during the Mahabharata period, but was later modified by Maharaja Agrasen of the Agrawal community, later known as ‘Agrasen Ki Baoli’. However, no historical information has been found regarding this, so that the creator of this rich smoker can be officially confirmed.Its name is included in the list of the most terrifying places in the country. From above it looks beautiful due to the avy wavy red sandstones, but as soon as you go down the stairs a strange deep nandi silence seems to spread and the sky disappears.

There are many unsolved mysteries of this Baoli, which have remained secret to date. However, now people also come here to read books in a quiet atmosphere. Many people are drawn here because of its beauty. That why this Place is Most Haunted Place in India.

6. Dumas Beach – Gujrat

While this beach must be like the house of God during the day when it becomes the devil’s paradise after the sun goes down. Surat has one of the premium tourist attractions, this beach attracts travelers and tourists every day but as it starts getting dark, people leave this place for the better. And those who stayed overnight and tried to challenge the beach never came back.

Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Gujarat. The beach is famous for two things, one for its black sand and the other for being haunted! It is said that Dumas Beach was once used as a Hindu cemetery and is therefore occupied by many haunted spirits who never left the area. Folklore explains that the existence of black sand is due to the amount of ash burned by the pepper that has mixed with the white sand of the beach and darkened in the shade.

For that reason, this place is considered the most haunted today.

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